UK market update: HR and Human Capital consulting

UK market update: HR and Human Capital consulting

James Baker

2019 finds the UK in an interesting place. As this article is written, our politicians are still yet to finalise what will be happening with Brexit.  However, away from the political uncertainty, the outlook for HR and Human Capital consulting professionals is bright.  On the back our most successful year ever in 2018, Frazer Jones in the UK are continuing to see huge opportunities across a broad spectrum of career opportunities.

Organisations across industry, financial and professional services continue to develop and grow their HR functions, investing heavily in their talent attraction functions both at new and experienced hire capability.  The importance of not only attracting but retaining great people still remains strong with organisation continuing to invest in their talent strategies, trying to developed strong and more compelling employee and and EVP.  

Within Human Capital consulting, there is also demand across the board from the Big 4 to boutique firms to attract and retain the best consulting talent.  Whilst this is a much smaller space than wider HR, we are seeing the same level of growth mindset from our clients.  The uncertainty of Brexit is both proving a challenge, but also a business opportunity for these firms in driving more advisory work.

Having just opened an office in Bristol, and with increasing activity in key cities like Birmingham and Manchester we are extremely confident about the year ahead, and so should HR and Human Capital professionals be.  The UK is, and will continue to be a huge hub for global HR/HC talent.